Manfred Kriegelstein DGPh, MFIAP,

was born 1951 in Berlin/Germany, he has been involved with Photography since 1977. In this period of time he has achieved over 1300 awards and prizes and is regarded as the most successful German attendee of the international Photographic Salon of all times.
Kriegelstein is the author of the following photographic books, "Ästhetik der Photographie" (Aesthetics of Photography) "Farbe in Schwarz" (Color in Black), and "Rückseite einer Stadt" (Reverse-Side of a City). The latter was decorated with the Kodak Photo book Award.
Kriegelstein’s exposition about "Prinzipien formal-ästhetischer Photographie" (principles of formal-technical-aesthetic photography) were published nationally and internationally in numerous books and newspaper articles.
His photographical cycles Lanzarote, Kreuzberg, Faces of India, Cemetery, Vision Woman, Fantasy World und Photo expressions were presented to the international public at many single exhibitions worldwide.
Kriegelstein is lecturer of international photographic workshops and seminars.
In 1984 he was called onto the board of "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPh)" (German Association of Photography).
In 1987 he achieved the highest honor of the Federation Internationale De L'Art Photographique: "Maitre Photographe De La FIAP" (MFIAP) for his photographic works.
Kriegelstein is an accredited member of juries at national and international photographic contests.
For over 15 years he has been regularly leading Photo Workshops and Seminars especially in the arrangement and reviewing art work.
Over the past years Manfred Kriegelstein has been working with digital photography and prints his art-work solely on Hahnemuehle Fine Art-Paper.